2 Days Trek Pegasingan Hill – Sembalun


Hikking Pengasingan Hill 2 Days 1 Night 

pergasinganWalking and trekking for two days – one night, incredible experience on Mount Pergasingan near Sembalun Village via Bamboo Garden, Sembalun Traditional House, Gunung Selong, and ends at Sembalun Village east of Lombok.

Arrival day: Pick up after arriving in Lombok, then transfer to Semperoan, take a private car for 2-3 hours. Check in to your hotel in Sembalun villag then meet your guide to start your tour, then head to Sembalun Village to watch weavers hand weaving and climb Selong Hill to warm up before returning to your hotel and time to enjoy your own free time.

Day 1. We welcome you to our 2-day paddy field walk, talk to the cheers and enjoy the view on the high slope called Pergasingan.

From a view poin of 637 m above the towns and fields of Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung, there is an excellent view of the ancient crater of Mount Rinjani.

The walk-through project included: climbing the tree species in the neighborhood that develop at different heights and how people in the neighborhood use them for traditional solutions, and how we can support the conservation of the neighborhood by planting some tree and orchid species. We visited the place that is said to be used by the gods to play a game of spinning tops.

Your trainer and defender showed us the generally accepted way of playing the top. The area of ​​the overnight camp is called Urat Batua, where villagers used to pray before they started hunting wild deer. A profound pioneer prays and offers donations for various parts of the congregation before the tents are introduced by administrators and helpers. It’s a great spot to watch dusk and dawn, with views of the slopes of Mount Rinjani and Bali’s inaccessible Mount Agung.
After dark, we saw the lights of the city of Sembelia and the distant port city of Labuhan Lombok. After dinner, our assistant or doorman played resonating woodwinds and we enjoyed our entertainment in addition to enjoying the ethereal tropical night sky at an altitude of approximately 1,773m.

Be sure to bring your camera – the views are spectacular!

Day 2 After breakfast, trek about 3 hours through the rainforest to Karya, Sajang town, then visit the Seven Wells (Sumur Tujuh), go back to the forest, watch out for another black monkey (Ebony Leaf Monkey) because of mixed noises A bag of winged creatures, and another plant containing plants that provide medicine to people nearby. Enjoy lunch in the backwoods, then hike about 1.5 hours to the waterfall, where legend has it that the lord bathed his stallion. There will be time to explore and admire the falls’ accommodation

On the route back stroll through the group’s arrangement, the aide will clarify their traditions and customs of town life and how they help their day by day work by developing espresso, chocolate and vanilla and, contingent upon the season, you will have the chance to work along them. At that point a simple stroll to investigate the foothills of the well of lava, Gunung (Mt) Rinjani where the group have their fields that are still cultivated generally as their precursors did.

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