About Us


   We are one of the official with complete legality and accommodation in the Senaru traditional village and have many of the best long experienced teams about adventure on Mount Rinjani National Park Lombok. The advantage of our company is that it has an important role for tourists, namely guides and porters who are very experienced in how to provide services to customers who will be guided while climbing Mount Rinjani. We provide very high quality of service facilities such as food for while climbing Mount Rinjani and very good sleeping equipment , such as tents and other cooking utensils or cooking gear. Mount Rinjani is a volcano which has a height (3,726 meters above sea level ) which is located on the island of Lombok with the number two altitude in Indonesia and is a store of amazing natural beauty such as Lake Segara Anak, new volcano , hot springs and other crater peaks. Our team always maintains the preservation and natural beauty of Mount Rinjani, namely to bring down trash and protect the ecosystem in Mount Rinjani National Park.